Several years ago, I became a private pilot.  One of the best things I’ve ever done. Just recently I joined the Civil Air Patrol, where the flying is more than just for fun.  And there’s another benefit.  Being a pilot has actually helped me to help you in my work here at Target Research & Investigation Corp.  Why?

As we all know, for attorneys and other legal professionals, the stresses and strains of handling various legal matters, not just litigation, are often quite intense. Many situations are time sensitive.  There are many moving parts and many opportunities for things to go wrong. Getting things done correctly, in a timely manner, at the least necessary cost, in situations where the stakes are often very high? None of that is easy.

As a paralegal and investigator for more than 30 years now, I’ve had the privilege of working with many of the country’s best lawyers and law firms, representing people who are famous the world over (and maybe even a bit infamous), as well as a long list of major business firms where commercial pressures often add to the legal pressures. From civil litigation, to due diligence for business formations, to estate settlements, even family law issues, our work has a direct impact on people’s lives, their finances, their reputations.  Not to mention their emotional well-being. For lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, docketing clerks, as well as outside service providers including investigators and process servers, the best quality work is a team effort and it is up to everyone to do their professional best.

It is true, though, that all these professionals are people.  And you know what they say about people.  Mark Twain said “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” That’s true (and words I live by) but not the point here. No, the point about people is that they make mistakes. Some big, some small.  All with an impact.  Honestly, we’ve all been in situations where ‘something’ has gone wrong.  A document is missing.  A document was signed but not notarized.  The wrong draft was used as the final.  A filing date was missed.  The possibilities are endless.  Stuff happens.

So how does my being a pilot help you?

The number one thing pilots are trained to do if something, anything, goes wrong while flying the plane is … KEEP FLYING THE PLANE!  Do not panic.  Do not scream or yell or curl up into a little ball.  Fly the plane.  Ascertain what the problems are, determine what the options are to fix those problems, and then go about fixing them.  And while this is essentially what I’ve always done, and how I’ve built my business and my reputation, these days we’ve cut out the screaming and yelling and curling up into a little ball.  Just fly the plane.  Fix the problem.  Get the job done.

Fortunately, errors and mistakes are not the norm.  But the best pilot training is learning what to do if something does go wrong.  When I work with you, you can be confident that no matter what may happen, we’re going to “keep flying the plane.” We’ll deal with whatever comes along – and we’ll get your assignments completed successfully.

Safe flight.