If you have ever tried to identify or locate anyone, you may have found that the costs of searching through commercial databases escalates rapidly while the information you find is either stale or just plain wrong.  And no, Google alone won’t do it. Nor will any of the many Internet sites available to you as these information aggregators continue to use cross-referencing software. Information about many different people becomes intermingled and confused, further complicating your search and costing you both time and money. If you’ve looked up yourself on any of these services, you may be surprised by how much erroneous information is shown.

We have been using public and proprietary online databases since their inception.   Sorting through the huge amount of information now available requires a thorough understanding of the methods by which information providers gather and sort their data.  We maintain online accounts with hundreds of available databases, public and proprietary, and we access these sources at costs generally less than you must pay. 

Many of the sources we use are strictly limited and monitored. We adhere to the laws and rules governing access and use of information, including as directed by Graham/Leach/Bliley, the Patriot Act, the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, and others. 

And we maintain relationships with a nationwide and international network of document retrievers, abstractors and investigators to do the follow-up and confirmation work necessary which just cannot be done online.

In addition to helping you identify and locate your subjects, we can help identify and locate relatives, friends and business associates of those subjects. 


We will file your documents in any court or at the office of any government agency.  Our trained and experienced investigators and paralegals can obtain and review files and records at any court or government agency, including matrimonial files (written permission will be required).  If you need to answer a court calendar call and submit pleadings, we can do that for you. 

E-Filing: We strongly urge attorneys, or their direct staff, including their firm’s Office of the Managing Attorney/Clerk, handle efiling directly. It isn’t difficult. Mis-filings by third party services can be more than just embarrassing or aggravating.


Whether at a court, government agency, or private location, we’re ready to go where you need us to, when you need us to.

  • File Probate or Administration petitions at Surrogate or Probate Court
  • Submit Orders To Show Cause for approval and execution
  • Provide Mobile Notary Public services at any location


As you are preparing for any litigation matter, you may want to have a better understanding of your potential defendants or other parties.  Do you know the full and complete legal name?  For any business entity, do you know the proper legal structure and do you know the original state or country of origin?  Perhaps most importantly, do you have a reasonable understanding as to whether any of your potential defendants will be able to pay a judgment entered in favor of your client?  Use our pre-litigation profiling to search and identify:

  • The legal name and location of defendant
  • The legal structure of jurisdiction of corporations, partnerships and other business entities
  • Other people and other businesses associated with or affiliated with defendant
  • Judgments, liens and prior civil litigation filed against or in favor of defendant
  • Criminal convictions


Whether at a residence, business location, or in public areas, surveillance is an investigative operation that must be considered and executed appropriately.  It is vitally important to conduct surveillance in civil matters in accordance with pertinent federal and state laws.  The men and women we assign to these tasks are licensed and bonded in the jurisdiction where surveillance will be conducted.  Even more importantly, they are experienced in these operations, generally retired officers from various law enforcement agencies where surveillance was a regular part of their jobs.