Asset location goes hand in hand with judgment collection.  There are numerous federal and state laws and regulations which address how our investigators may search out and locate assets, whether belonging to a company or an individual. 

  • We adhere strictly to all applicable laws and rules, including the Graham/Leach/Bliley Act, Patriot Act, and the Fair Credit and Reporting Act. 
  • We use a variety of investigative methods to identify and locate assets
  • Search for bank accounts
  • Search for brokerage accounts
  • Searches of public and proprietary data sources. 
  • Search for hard assets such as real property and motor vehicles. 
  • Search for soft assets including business interests, mortgagee and secured party interests. 
  • Search for assets often overlooked, including patents, trademarks and government let contracts.
  • Due diligence associated with business formations or acquisitions
  • Due diligence associated with proposed settlements of civil disputes, including litigation
  • Confirmation of asset claims