For business formations, acquisitions, or mergers, we will conduct due diligence investigations of the individuals and business entities, including quasi-governmental entities that are, or may be, parties to your particular matter.Legal name and location

  • Legal structure and jurisdiction of any business entity
  • Identify officers, agents and other key personnel
  • Identify affiliated people and business entities
  • Identify real and personal assets
  • Identify judgments, liens, civil litigation and cirminal records associated with all people and business entities
  • Research pertinent media articles, including Internet sites

Our initial research is conducted via online public and proprietary data sources as well via the offices of public agencies.  We work closely with you to co-ordinate and direct the research that we conduct in order to focus our attention and your resources on those areas of most importance to you. We are scrupulous in assuring that we abide by all federal and other laws regarding privacy, investigative methods and permissible access to information.


Are you

  • Considering a new venture?
  • Planning a merger or consolidation?
  • Purchasing n established business?
  • Considering a new key employee or board member?
  • Are you considering joining a company as a key employee or board member?

Before you make the deal, it is imperative that you have a full understanding of the people and businesses that are new to you.  Due diligence requires more extensive research than a standard individual or business profile. 

  • Research and investigate key personnel, employees, business associates and other people and businesses as you may direct. 
  • Go beyond researching standard public and proprietary data sources. 
  • When authorized or permitted by law such as the FFCRA and GLB, we access and review an individual’s consumer credit report. 
  • Research records on file with specific government agencies to confirm real and personal assets, including copyrights, trademarks and patents. 
  • Confirm information provided on resumes and CV’s, including professional licenses, prior employment and education history.
  • Interview business associates, colleagues, friends, neighbors and other witnesses as appropriate.


For any business where officers, stockholders, members, partners or key employees are embroiled in an unhealthy, acrimonious relationship, where business dissolution, resignations or personnel loss may be possible, we can help.

  • Protection of proprietary assets
  • Information on new business formations or associates of current employees, partners, members
  • Activities of competitors
  • Safeguarding company facilities
  • Electronic surveillance detection and de-bugging
  • Safeguarding access to company computers and servers
  • Executive protection


Before you or your client hires or retains the services of anyone who will work in a confidential or sensitive business relationship, it is prudent to conduct a vetting investigation.  Be aware that the term “Background Investigation” can mean many different things.  Talk to us about how simple, or how in-depth, a background investigation can or should be for your situation.

  • Confirm identity and personal information, including date of birth and social security number
  • Confirm current residence and identify immediate family members
  • Confirm prior employment and education history
  • Confirm professional licenses.  Research any disciplinary records.
  • Research civil judgments, liens, litigation
  • Confirm and research criminal records


  • Undercover, third party purchasing of counterfeit and unauthorized merchandise. 
  • Professionals licensed in various disciplines to interact with individuals and businesses regarding the proper use or sale of copyrighted, trademarked or patented products or services