We Don’t Want Your Money!! Well, actually we don’t want your witness fee checks

For those of us of a certain age, we remember legal pleadings, including subpoenas, being typed out on “legal” sized paper which was “red ruled” and all bound together in a “legal back.”  Those subpoenas, with the law firm’s check for the witness fee attached, were then delivered to our office and we would […]

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2017 Luncheon for MACA Members

My colleague, Neil Pedersen, and I were delighted to sponsor another luncheon for members of the New York based Managing Attorneys and Clerks Association. This year at the Yale Club.  We focused on some practical issues surrounding the preparation and filing of Surrogate’s Court proceedings for probate, administration and similar situations.

Neil provided an overview of […]

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I’m a Pilot. That Helps You. Yes, It Really Does!

Several years ago, I became a private pilot.  One of the best things I’ve ever done. Just recently I joined the Civil Air Patrol, where the flying is more than just for fun.  And there’s another benefit.  Being a pilot has actually helped me to help you in my work here at Target Research […]

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Serving a business entity in New Jersey? Oh Yea? You Think So.

Business entities come in all shapes and sizes.  No more just a corporation, a partnership, or a limited partnership.  LP’s.  LLP’s.  LLC’s  PLLC’s.  All kinds of legal business structures now exist.  And that’s fine.

In some states, any business entity, a company of some kind, created in the state or authorized to do business in […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong! Subpoenas for Documents

As we know, the procedural rules that surround civil litigation are extensive and, candidly, not always as clear as one might want.  And when the case you’re working on necessitates discovery in multiple jurisdictions, well then the ‘ol jigsaw puzzle just got a lot more complicated, didn’t it?

If your case is in a federal […]

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Due Diligence or a Waste of Time?

Few things in civil litigation are more frustrating than trying to get process served on a defendant or a witness who just won’t “cooperate.” We’d all like to just send a process server to the defendant’s address and get him or her served, personally, the first time there. Done. Finished. But life doesn’t work […]

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Military Service and Default Judgments. Yea. That.

OK, so you have served your defendant. The allotted time to answer and appear has gone by. You have also served the additional copy of the summons, if applicable. Now it’s time to prepare and submit (or apply for) a judgment by default against the miscreant.

Not so fast.

A couple of things may be standing […]

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What’s In A Business Name? Everything!!

A rose may smell as sweet if you call it something else but try serving your defendant via the New York Secretary of State, the Department of Revenue, or some other statutory or registered agent and you’ll soon learn that a business name is a rather precise and exacting thing. Get the name […]

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Out, Damned Staples !!! Out, I Say !!!

Actually, it isn’t me saying it. But for anyone looking to file any kind of pleading in a Surrogate’s Court in New York, you’ve heard the court clerk say it. Sometimes with real enthusiasm.

A little history: “Henry R. Heyl of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania applied for a patent in September 1877 […]

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Looking For Someone? Skip Tracing 101

Whether it is a defendant, a witness, a legatee, a distributee, even a client of yours, there are numerous situations where you need to locate somebody, or even something (like a private company).  Sometimes you have an old, no longer current, address, and sometimes you don’t.  In any case, in the vernacular of the […]

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