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Looking For Someone? Skip Tracing 101

Whether it is a defendant, a witness, a legatee, a distributee, even a client of yours, there are numerous situations where you need to locate somebody, or even something (like a private company).  Sometimes you have an old, no longer current, address, and sometimes you don’t.  In any case, in the vernacular of the […]

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Background Checks. What Exactly Are They?

The reasons someone may desire to conduct a “background check” on another person or on a private business of some kind are vast.  From qualifying for a professional license, to being vetted as a potential business partner, to research on potential litigation parties or witnesses, or judgment debtors.  Lots of reasons.  But what exactly […]

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You’re Doing It Wrong! How to Communicate With Your Process Server

Service of Process is very often a difficult task to accomplish and clear directions will make it much more efficient, and possible, to accomplish the requested task.  So no matter who you contract with for these services, I trust you’ll find these suggestions helpful.   Benefits include:

Having the task accomplished successfully and in keeping […]

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